Industry-leading software solutions and data acquisition systems for life science

ADInstruments comprehensive, easy-to-use products are highly-cited in scientific journals and widely-used in classrooms and forward-thinking learning programs.

In research, the versatile PowerLab data acquisition system with LabChart software can be customized for use in virtually any life science application with our diverse range of amplifiers, instruments and specialized analysis software.

In education, LabTutor is helping to shape the future of tertiary education across a variety of fields, including physiology, pharmacology and medicine. With content developed in collaboration with experts in the field and an innovative approach to active learning, LabTutor strives to deliver better learning outcomes for students.

Focused on service

ADInstruments highest priority to provide exceptional customer service through our team of expert representatives; operating a global network of over 100 offices and distributors in more than 80 countries.

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